Why do you offer shooting equipment packages?
At Field and Flight, when we all started out shooting it was a bit of a mindfield getting started and not only knowing what equipment was needed, but also the right equipment to choose. If we all had that experience then surely others are, hence the more we can offer help and guidance by selling 'Packages' for all budgets that help people getting into shooting or wanting to upgrade and add more to their shooting equipment cupboard, then we are here to help.
What is the process to purchase and collect a firearm via Field and Flight?
On confirmation of order process and payment from the client, we will advise the collection date and time for them to come to our Kent office (details will follow succesful completition of your order) The client will need to bring their shotgun or firearms licence or (driving licence for air rifle transactions) with them, from this we will take the details off the licence which will entered into the RFD register, along with the gun details to be transferred. We will also fill in the police transfer form, the client takes the master copy and we take a copy of that, both parties have to send that off to the police within the allotted time frame, which can now be done via email. Prior to the customer coming to collect, the firearms/shotguns, have to be entered into the register in the purchased for resale section, then when the customer comes, it is transferred to the sales section of the register. This can be done prior to arrival if they have sent through a copy of their licence. We will still need the licence as we have to enter the new shotgun or rifle onto it after we have filled in the register.
Why do Field and Flight not sell all of a Manufacturers products?
We select products our team have either tested in the field or believe are the right products for use when shooting, spending time in the country and offer great value. We are always open to suggestions for new products to sell and represent.
Obtaining a Shotgun Certificate or Firearms License
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If the title of a product includes 'PRE-ORDER' then all this means is that we can still process your order but are unable to give a delivery/collection date as we are waiting for updates from the distributor. Please still go ahead and order and we will make every effort to keep you informed and process your order asap.